Infidelity Polygraphs

Infidelity Polygraphs

Infidelity Polygraphs

Now days there are so many more temptations on TV, radio, and the internet with regards to Single or Personal Love Partner Websites it can be a little overwhelming. The solid sanctuary that once existed between a man and a woman now feels to be threatened or tested by the very core that built it..(Trust).. The mere question of the issue itself makes you question the very reason of why you are in a committed relationship in the first place. Although the reasons may be for all of the right ones, there may be that the questions of today’s technological world, are just to strong to overcome. There are a lot of questions to answer like (How, When, Where, and with Whom). The Polygraph is the most effective method for finding out the truth regarding all of these issues.

A lot of times getting a polygraph is like driving down a road without any idea of where you are going. By the time you stop to get the map or directions it is to late. Unfortunately, in our time and age the Polygraph is the essential way to ask yourself where am I going and am I getting any closer to the end of the road to happiness with my life partner. At AMG Polygraph we understand the difficulty to asking yourself those very same questions. We can help you on your path to happiness.

We at AMG Polygraph work very hard and very methodically at getting the answers that you deserve. We have brought happiness and closure to so many
couples throughout the U.S. Let us help you and your family understand the truth
and get on the road to happiness.

What to look for in an examiner:

Every individual case deserves to have the proper techniques, equipment, and training available to the examiner to overcome the many obstacles that are used to preserve the integrity of the test. Any variations, and the validity of the test as well as any findings from the test will be diminished. Everyone loses.

Make sure that you have done your homework. Spend the extra time to know and understand the qualifications of the examiner. Your Marriage and your ability to trust each other again may depend on it. Polygraph is a very reliable investigative tool. If it is not used properly it can also be a very dangerous tool. Dangerous from the standpoint that the results can have long lasting negative effects. It’s important that you get it right.

Please make sure that you choose an examiner that is Certified through the California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE), American Polygraph Association (APA), and the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP). All of these organizations ensure that the examiner that you are choosing is a professional examiner and is up to date on their equipment, and overall knowledge in the field. Going with the cheapest examiner without checking these qualifications came result as a mere coin flip. Be careful and

Good Luck and if you have any questions please  CONTACT US►

AMG Polygraph

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