Family Crisis

It seems like more and more you read about family values taking a backseat to Wars, Terrorism, or Death. Unfortunately, there are hundreds more of scenarios out there that challenge what the values or moral decency that we have or have not been taught by our family members and society as a whole. The Polygraph can be utilized for a variety of instances to clear and individual or to uncover one. Before you allow disarray or unknown circumstances to tear the family apart make some educated decisions. Let us help put together the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your individual situation it is essential that you understand that the Polygraph is only as good as the examiner running the test. You must ensure that the examiner has completed the proper schooling from an American Polygraph Association School. Many Examiners in the field consider the Marston School of Lie Detection the Best Polygraph School on the West Coast today. Examiners must have in turn completed their laboratory, academic, and field requirements to receive their Certification.

Unfortunately, in the State of California there is no license board to oversee the industry. Which means anyone can purchase a Polygraph Instrument and begin conducting tests. It is essential that you not fall into this con, you and your family should mean more than just saving a few dollars. That is what most uncertified examiners will do to lure in their business. BEWARE! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. The more qualified examiners are all pretty reasonable.

Make sure that the examiner is a certified member of California Association of Polygraph Examiners (CAPE), American Polygraph Association (APA), or American Association Police Polygraphists (AAPP) This will help you ensure that the examiner that you choose is up to date on the Techniques, Equipment, and Training.

Ensure that the examiner is either using a Lafeyette, Limestone, or Axicton instrument. These instruments are the only accepted Manufacturers of Computerized Polygraphs.

Every individual case deserves to have the proper techniques, equipment, and training available to the examiner to overcome the many obstacles that are used to preserve the integrity of the test. Any variations, and the validity of the test as well as any findings from the test will be diminished. The subject is the one that loses.

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